“So take my hand,” he sang, and his voice was falling apart,

he could barely hear himself over the wail of the machinery, “take my whole life too…”

His fingers remained in the hollows of his cheeks, thumb brushing over his lips.

I love you.


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you can just see how much that hurts for sherlock

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was this fucking necessairy?

was your comment necessary? (if you reblog this, dont be afraid to cut my and person above comment)

I meant that as ‘was it necessairy for you to put me through all tjat hotness’ but I guess you didn’t read my tags which were somewhere in the lines of “uhhhhgggg” & “hnnnng” and just felt like having something to complain about was better even if there weren’t any to start with. You know you could just have deleted my comment from the start if you didn’t agree instead of doing that

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It’s out there. Now everybody knows.. (x)

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